Posted March 22, 2013 by Mike in Diabolical Debate

To Spoil or not to Spoil?

It’s hard these days to view a film fresh without seeing anything to spoil it. From the trailers that might hint at the final scenes to the constant twitter and facebook pictures that “leak” or are shown by directors, actors or studios just to wet your appetite but also give you a glimpse at the world of cinema. So, how hard is it not to spoil a film?


Currently a few films are in production, The Amazing Spider-Man 2′s director is happily tweeting the latest pictures from set, alongside X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer too. Star Wars doesn’t spill out rumours because most of the time they’re mentioned well in advance before being officially confirmed. JJ Abrams’ involvement with Episode VII was released quite a distance between Disney and Lucasfilm announcing everyone was right.

The rarity is that some director’s (and actors) love to tease but never fully give you the glimpse of it all. In The Dark Knight Rises, Cillian Murphy did many interviews stating that he was looking forward to watching the final of the trilogy without being in it (and he appeared as a cameo). Star Trek Into Darkness (another of JJ Abrams adventures) may be all flashy with their trailers every other month, but the role of Benedict Cumberbatch still remains a mystery until the day of release.

So do you like to spoil a film to make you more eager for it? Or do you prefer not knowing what’s to come, and just enjoy it.

The big question is:

Should movies be spoilt?

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