Posted April 29, 2013 by Mike in Movie Gems

R2-D2 where are you?

R2-D2 is known as the small little droid with a huge personality. Albeit we’ve never actually understood what his beeps and bobs really mean, we can tell with his passion what he really means. He’s one of probably the stars of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII and beyond I would assume, and who knows possibly C-3PO. But when Star Wars isn’t around, he does still get acting gigs and has appeared in many films, without his co-stars and also without the whole Star Wars universe behind him.


Transformers 2 (2009)
Robots in Disguise is the main tagline of Transformers, so it’s only right that R2 appears here also. Again for the briefest cameo appearance, R2 can be seen spinning across the battle scene in Transformers 2. He’s almost a blink and miss it, but I wonder if he actually transforms into something else?


Star Trek (2009)
JJ Abrams has admitted to putting R2-D2 into quite a few of his movies, one of which being Star Trek. After being floating rubble of the destruction of most of the fleet, poor old R2 is floating around between bits of metal for the briefest of moments before getting his paycheck and continuing on.


Super 8 (2011)
Some of JJ’s briefest of appearances with R2-D2 are so blink and miss, you will literally blink and miss him. So with Super 8, the hardest of probably all of JJ’s films, you blink and you’ll definitely miss him here!


Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
UPDATE: And in the sequel to Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s now been found where R2-D2 actually is. This is what a pause button is for.


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Spielberg is good friends with Lucas, so obviously when Indiana Jones finds the ark, right behind him shows the tale of female princess giving an android (mainly R2) a message. It was such an amazing story that someone had to release it at some point.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
Another Spielberg encounter, this time of the third kind. As the spaceship flies over, we can briefly see a glimpse of the droid we know and love of R2 and therefore he’s forever grabbing onto starships and journeying to wherever they will go. R2 has been around more than his co-stars.


Goonies (1985)
UPDATE: Hey You Guys!! If you didn’t think R2-D2 could appear anywhere else, well you’re mistaken! He actually appeared on the model ship at the end of the film Goonies, however it’s so hard to see that you probably won’t be able to. Though there he is tangled in the riggings!


And if you thought that R2-D2 was hogging the limelight, even the Millenium Falcon came out of retirement for a battle against the Borg in Star Trek: First Contact. Just to see if it’s faster than a Cube.

So with R2-D2 getting work beyond Star Wars, do you feel his salary will be larger for the sequel?