Posted May 1, 2013 by Mike in Movie Gems

Born In The UK

We all think that most of the major Hollywood stars around are actually part of the elite-Hollywood club, being born in the USA when actually they’re not. They’re not Australian, they’re not American, they’re British (or at least were for some period of time being moving). But do you know who?

Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce is clearly a man with an amazing Australian accent. He’s starred in Neighbours and Home and Away for instance. He was amazing in Priscilla Queen of the Desert and nowadays appears in Prometheus, Iron Man 3 and many major motion pictures. But he is in fact British. Sure he was three at the time of moving, but Guy was actually born in Ely, Cambridgeshire. So his first three years he was a Brit!

kiefer sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland is the Bauer they call Jack. He was also more commonly known as a Lost Boy (and no he was no Peter Pan wannabe). Kiefer even has an Canadian Dad in the way of Donald Sutherland (who is still going strong and will be appearing in more Hunger Games) and also mother Shirley Douglas. But Kiefer, well, he was born and bred in London in 1966 and supposedly is a big fan of Coronation Street (who knew?)

sam worthington
Sam Worthington is a true Australian, he has that roughneck attitude and has appeared in some of the biggest blockbusters of Avatar and Clash of the Titans (and its sequel… something of the Titans) and not forgetting Terminator Salvation reboot-esque. But Sam actually was born in England, Surrey to be more precise alas only stayed for six months before flying back to Perth. He’s still one of us, no matter where he went after!

andrew garfield
Andrew Garfield is the gorgeous new Amazing Spider-Man, he was also the right hand man in The Social Network, but he’s actually American born and bred (well, he was born there, but his Mum is very British and raised him over here). He appeared in the amazing television movie Boy A, and if you look very hard on youtube you can find some early short films appearing the young man himself with his very British accent. Don’t let the American’s fool you, we’re slowly taking them over!

Any other stars we may have forgotten??