Posted May 6, 2013 by Mike in Movie Gems

Movie Titles in Japan

After our last look at movies that are translated to mean something totally different we decided to look more closely at Japan and their unique way of translating a film into something either spoiling the plot, or something that actually sounds much better than its original.

Despicable Me in Japan turned out to be the amazing “Thief Thief Moon 3D Group”, in a tale with minions and a double headed thief who wants to steal the moon for his own reasons (and of course he’s in a 3D epic group situation, which is much more dangerous than a 2D group).

Austin Powers may have got a few issues with their taglines for the third film, but for The Spy who Shagged Me, it seemed the translation was too much for Japanese to go by and instead called it “Austin Powers Deluxe”. It’s like a Big Mac but extra sizing it up to be a deluxe meal or something.

It’s hard to describe a film with the word “Up”, because it could relate to quite a lot. So instead, the Japanese decided it was easier to give it a proper name, “Mr Carl’s Flying House” is epic, about Mr Carl (Fredrickson) and his flying house that goes UP in the air.

A few others to mention are Fast Five (the five Fast and the Furious saga) turned into “Wild Speed: Mega Max” and Being John Malkovich, about a man who can go into the mind of John Malkovich through a tunnel on a miniature floor, turns into “The Hole of Malkovich”, which to say is another movie altogether and one not viewable with kids.