Posted August 12, 2013 by Mike in Movie Gems

Don’t Pick Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars is the biggest thing since slice bread at the moment. Everyone awaits any announcement (even though the lack of announcements recently have been it’s coming, JJ Abrams is onboard, John Williams to score and will be released in 2015) and actors and actresses are hoping to be cast as the new leads in the epic saga that will span a new trilogy that will take place after the Empire has been destroyed.

Trouble is, not everyone wants it. Simon Pegg, in an interview with The Age stated “I don’t want to be in ‘Star wars’, I think it would spoil it.” Whereas his partner in cinema crime, Nick Frost, mentioned that “I’d like to sit back as a punter and see what’s going to come from J.J.’s mind.”


Both are happy to stay away from the Star Wars saga, mainly for Simon Pegg who has signed up for the opposition in the way of Star Trek. Though the likes of Zachary Quinto (who played Spock in the new rebooted Star Trek franchise) mentioned at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, “I’m sure I’d have a hard time saying no. I’d like to play an Ewok because they’re the best.”

But with Simon Pegg against coming into the Star Wars world comes another co-star from the Star Trek franchise in the way of Karl Urban. Karl was very positive about his role as Doctor McCoy in the rebooted series but definitely ruled his name out of the hat by “I grew up watching it… I just love that universe, but that being said, I have no desire to be part of it. I don’t see the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars joining. I’ve made a commitment to Star Trek and I’m going to keep it.”

So even though everyone is throwing their hat into the ring, it looks like a lot are taking their names out, just to sit back and watch the experience that Star Wars Episode 7 will entail!