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Return of the Sith?

Star Wars will be the hot topic on everyone’s lips for the next year or so, with rumours abound, hints and snide comments from actors and stars going to be donning their lightsabres and returning to the fold. But the trouble is, we’re never going to get the official word without someone at Disney or JJ Abrams actually letting something slip.

So far, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have all been rumoured to be back and last week it was rumoured that Ian McDiarmid could be returning to the franchise, after reprising his role as Palpatine in the prequels, Ian will be donning the robe again and gravely voice for a sequel too. Whether this be a cloned version or a ghostly figure, nobody is still sure.


And with no reports from any of the major conventions regarding upcoming Star Wars, all we do know for definite is JJ Abrams is directing, John Williams is returning to score and that it is to be released in 2015. But with rumours circulating, from the comments from Ewan McGregor that if Star Wars calls, he will be there no matter what his role is. To the mention that Simon Pegg and Karl Urban definitely don’t want to be in it, we wonder who do you want?

Is Palpatine’s gruff voice something you long for? Or do you think Darth Vader should make a full reappearance as the ghostly form of Hayden Christensen? Or maybe another Darth could grace the screen, Ray Park has been eager from his Star Wars Episode I Darth Maul role, advising “I would go crazy, go mental, lock myself in a cabin, you know. Do the whole ‘method’ for two or three months, spear-fishing and stuff, just to play the character again.”

So we ask not the question should characters return, but the main one – which characters would you like to return?

Which Star Wars character should return in Episode VII?

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Or have we lost the force and there was someone better?