Posted October 8, 2013 by Mattyc1983 in Top 5 Movies

Top 5 Christopher Walken Impressions

There’s something about Christopher Walken that makes him an enduring and loveable actor. Whether it’s his ability to tap dance through a Fat Boy Slim video with sublime ease, or that warm New Yorker accent, it is fair to say that he is respected by many a fellow actor. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery which in Christopher Walken’s case is probably true, but perhaps it is the stuttering delivery with its often unpredictable rises in pitch and tone that is seemingly easy to master and take off. Here are 5, who in their own special way, pay homage to the man and the legend.

Eddie Izzard

As explained by Izzard himself, his impressions often rely on him explaining who he is about to impersonate, but I think he gets the creaking Queens lilt perfectly.

Terry Mynott

Terry Mynott has recently risen to wider attention thanks to the Channel 4 show “The Mimic”, but was discovered doing impressions on Youtube. Here is a Christopher Walken’s take on Evolution.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is good at impersonating people, just watch The Usual Suspects and you’ll see the ease with which a limp can be put on. Here you get Christopher Walken and a little Jack Nicholson for free.

Simon Helberg (aka Howard Wolowitz)

Here is an impression that has a Big Bang…Simon Helberg has a number of celebrity impressions mastered but his Walken is by far the best.

Bradley Cooper

Finally and by no means least, it would appear that Bradley Cooper is quite good at impressions mastering a number of Hollywood A-listers. But his Walken is spot on eclipsing everyone I’ve heard…I mean, he could be in the room…here you get the best of Cooper’s impressions.

What other Hollywood impressions are worthy of note?