Posted October 10, 2013 by Mike in 7 Deadly Things

The stuff that eye shadows are made of

The following contains real-life images that some readers may think are amazing but not true, but they’re real, they would have taken ages and they’re definitely kept a lot of eyes closed, but make sure you keep them open.

When women (and some men) are going out, they like to don new frocks, wear sparkling make-up and prepare their eyes for the onslaught of male attendants making eye contact, so you want the eyes to do the work. What would be more impressive is if the eyes did the work immediately! Just blink and give them a whirl!

I can show you the world, so don’t you dare close your eyes. Or in this instant, please keep them closed so I can admire Agrabah from the eyelids of some gorgeous Princess Jasmine no doubt.

Captain America
With shield, stars and stripes, this is one old relic of America that can be thawed from ice and be as heroic as the old days, but now more dashing with added eye liner effect.

Lion King
No worries, is what the person told her when they placed it off. It’ll disappear in an instant, but not until all the animals have left her eyelids first.

Lord of the Rings
There were seven and here’s only one of them, a rider in the dark, someone who when you close your eyes is still there beyond your nightmares. Keep them closed! Keep them very closed!

Nightmare Before Christmas
This is Halloween, where pumpkins scream in the dead of night, and with your eyes firmly closed shut you can tell what it is with the floating dead ghost dog and Jack somewhere between.

Star Wars
He doesn’t have eyes specifically but what R2-D2 lacks he definitely makes up for in beeps, whistles and flashing red lights. Even on eyes his machinery knows no bounds!

Star Trek Into Darkness
In the midst of the destruction and carnage that Khan can unfold, he sits pretty looking at his mess with watchful eyes. However to see this destruction you’ve just got to close your eyes and hope.

Have you spotted any eye-tastic artwork?