Posted December 13, 2013 by Mattyc1983 in 7 Deadly Things

Now I have a Christmas Jumper…Ho Ho Ho

The following contains jumpers that you probably wish your Grandma had knitted when you were little; instead you were treated to an abomination which you were made to wear. Sheep were left cold and naked in the making of these garments so your warmth is at their expense.

It would appear that for all the years of Christmas Jumpers being the height of distaste, 2013 is officially the year of the Christmas Jumper. The irony of Christmas Jumpers being lamented in many a Christmas film isn’t wasted on us all. But you can now join the popular masses as today is National Christmas Jumper Day…who knew? So if you love your movies then why not go the extra mile and grab some knitwear to represent your favourite film.

A Christmas Story
Christmas Story Jumper
It’s what every house needs…a lamp shade which has a fish netted leg as the stand. This iconic piece of set furnishing now adorns a knitted number which also displays the Red Ryder BB gun. This is a jumper that only the cult movie fan will nod at and appreciate. If Christmas Jumpers were uncool, this one might actually fly under the radar.

Die Hard
Die Hard Jumper
One of the few Christmas references in Die Hard comes in the form a grey Fruit of the Loom Jumper onto which John McClane informs Hans Gruber of his new found Machine Gun. Now you can own one for yourself and use it to taunt those who disagree that Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie.

Elf Jumper
The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is wearing the Jumper at which all can leer…(cough)

The Grinch
Grinch Jumper
Even The Grinch was eventually won over by the mountain of Christmas sentiment that overflows from this holiday season. It would appear that Christmas Tat is also a big part of this and why not adorn yourself with the very Jumper our green chum wears in the movie.

Oh dear…this jumper is as bad as Transformers 2. Only thing missing is a Michael Bay explosion to singe my eye balls.

Star Wars
Star Wars Jumper
These are not the Christmas Knitwear items you are looking for…

Home Alone
Merry Christmas Jumper
Should this be Angels with Dirty Faces or Home Alone? Who cares – this is one hell of a way to wish someone a Merry Christmas.

What did you wear today?