Posted December 17, 2013 by Mattyc1983 in 7 Deadly Things

Lights On…Lights Off…Lights On…Lights Off

The following contains items which when arrange within a suburban house could be used to deter two bandits looking to steal Christmas gift while families are on vacation. Equally they could be hung on your tree, around the fireplace, or make a centre piece for your Christmas kitsch home.

Christmas Decorations can be tacky… this is more or less a given, however, they often become part of a Christmas tradition. For years the same fabric Angel adorned the top of every Christmas Tree in my family, that was until my Parents went to Florida and brought home a slice of Disney. Now two animated characters hang atop of my Douglas Fir…tacky…yes…but it’s cute and at Christmas cute wins.

Wall.e Dec
The very decoration exported from the Sunshine state and relocated to my family’s Christmas box. For 11 months of the year it lives in tissue paper, but for the month of December, Wall.E and Eve dangle on the top of my tree, roped together with Christmas lights…it shouldn’t work but it does and I don’t even feel sorry for the usurped angel.

Avengers Assemble
Avengers Dec
Is there something symbolic about individual super baubles combining on a tree to combat evil? Or am I reading too much into it? Captain America, The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man assemble to take care of your tree.

Nightmare Before Christmas
Nightmare Before Dec
The movie had a certain darkness and the black and white baubles would probably make for quite the minimalist tree. Just don’t let them break before the big day, that would be a Nightmare…

Star Wars
Star Wars Dec
A chain of R2D2s is just what every Christmas Tree needs. I wonder what happens when one of the bulbs go? Do you get a replacement droid?

Die Hard
Die hard Dec
There is something really cool about having a little John McClane hanging from your tree via a little length of hose pipe. I like the idea that you could easily hide a Hans Gruber somewhere else on the tree for McClane to find. Just don’t throw him off to the ground…he might smash.

Pixar Dec
Wall-E has already had an outing but here the whole Pixar Family gets involved. The family orientated movies make for a great family addition to a tree. I can see children fighting over which bauble is their own…we’ll it’s what would have happened around my tree.

Elf Sign
A collection of Elf Quotes displayed on a modern piece of wall art. Worthless during 11 months of the year, but definitely a talking point during the month of festivities. SANTA! I Know Him!

What baubles do you decorate with?