Posted December 20, 2013 by Mike in Movie Gems

Right to Release

America has always been the industry of movie making. Although we do have our contenders in the British Isles, unfortunately most, if not all, get produced or distributed with the aid of American support. It’s almost like World War 2, with Americans supporting us to finish the war. But the trouble is, some films never do ever see the light of day and if it does, it’s not until months (sometime years) after the Americans have watched it.


A man who falls in love with an Operating System from Spike Jonze was shown in the US in October with a release date in December 2013. However, the UK doesn’t have a release date scheduled, nor does it look like it might. But critics have been inspired and giving it great reviews.

12 Years a Slave

Tipped as oscar worthy, the Americans got to see this film starring Chiwetel Ejiofor as a black man going through slavery in October. The British doesn’t get to see a release date until four months later in January 2014! Even when some of the cast are British too!

Mr Nobody

An old man tells the story of his life, however in telling it he reveals that for all the different choices, he made them all. Was shown at the Venice Film Festival in 2009, released in Belgium and France in 2010 and released in the States this year. However, the UK hasn’t even seen it, except for it being available on DVD.

Cloud Atlas

The recent amazing story of several characters overlapping through time and story, however released in America in October 2012, but for the UK only appeared at the end of February 2013. Reviews and critics were unsure but a brilliant re-introduction for the Wachowski siblings.

So why is the UK behind? With the Matrix Revolutions being screened on the same day all over the world, even Doctor Who was able to be screened around the world at the same time, with modern technology, internet, etc. why can’t we have the same universal screening at the same time as different countries, etc.?