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Top 5 Romantic Relationships in James Bond Films

James Bond isn’t the most devoted lover out there. He sleeps with a lot of women; using them to get information, as a part of his cover, and sometimes simply just to pass the time between, or even during, missions. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that every now and then he does demonstrate an ability to hold feelings for a woman. After all, across Dr. No and From Russia With Love he actually holds a long term relationship with Sylvia Trench – albeit whilst he is off across the world sleeping with other beautiful women. I wonder why she didn’t stick with him for Goldfinger?

However it’s not just Bond who holds romantic relationships across the films. Here are my top five genuinely heartfelt relationships across the entire series and encompassing all of the main characters. (And sorry MoneyPenny – they have to be somewhat reciprocal)

Vesper Lynd and Bond
In Casino Royale Bond meets Vesper Lynd. They spar for a bit but soon they end up falling for each other – rather a lot actually. Bond decides to give up his life as a OO agent and sees Vesper as his saviour who can salvage what humanity he has left. Unfortunately though, by the time the credits roll Vesper has died – leaving Bond a harder and colder individual as a result.

Felix and Della
Near the beginning of Licence to Kill Bond attends his old friend Felix Leiter’s wedding. We don’t get to see too much of the couple before they are attacked, Felix fed to the sharks and Della is raped and killed. It’s a testament to the couple that Bond will turn renegade in order to avenge their tragic loss.

Elektra King and Renard
During The World is Not Enough we grow to realise that Renard and Elektra King are a villainous couple working together for megalomaniacal reasons. The proof of Renard’s love for Elektra comes when Bond tells him he has killed her. That’s only minutes before Bond kills Renault too. Noticing a theme of death here…?

Tracy Draco and Bond
For many people this is the ultimate example of romantic relationships within the Bond films – the woman Bond marries. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Bond is forced to woo Tracy Draco but slowly they learn to love each other, a love which grows to the point where Bond gives up his life as a OO agent. Of course this relationship doesn’t last as Tracy is shot before they are even five minutes away from the church.

Kara Milovy and Bond
This may not be a safe choice for the number one spot, but I really love the chemistry between these two in The Living Daylights. It’s an actually believable love story between two people who meet, gradually fall in love despite several good reasons not to, and who then actually work well as a couple. There is a decent amount of time spent on making this relationship engaging and convincing, which is incredibly rare in a Bond movie. Plus it’s Valentine ’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice to have one on here which doesn’t end in death?

Let us know your thoughts. Have I missed some off the list which you think absolutely have to be there? Sound off in the comment box below!