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Movie Club


Movie Club was born out of the idea that sometimes friends can suggest some really cool films. So, what happens if someone else suggests them? Would you give it a try, even if you weren’t as passionate about indie movies? Would you risk watching a subtitled film just because someone said it was great? Movie Club allows people to dip in and out, re-watch some old classic or watch a brand new film you’ve never seen before. We’re also a bit wacky and geeky! And if you can’t cope with a two hour film, we also suggest awesome short movies, that are free, online and awaiting you to gander at them!

We don’t do news, because you can probably get it elsewhere, yet we comment on all things movies and try to make an interesting topic, a community to chat, nag, moan or complain that Star Wars is still so far away. Join our people, join us in our topics!

We have a small group of people who work real lives, but also are so mad over films that they love to gossip, discuss and write about things they’ve seen, post trailers they love, or just idly natter about things they wanna talk about. We’re always after people who adore films, so if you love films like we do, write something, talk to us or simply join in our debates, or watch a movie, who knows it could be the best movie you’ve ever seen!